About Us

We are a team of young and dynamic professionals with a passion for design and architecture.

ARK DESIGN is an Architectural service provider.

We undertake your Building, Landscape and Interior design projects from Concept to Construction, and everything in between; that includes Architectural design documents, Construction Permit application, execution and site supervision for construction works. Along that, with a multidisciplinary team of young professionals, we provide construction related services such as Quantity surveying, land surveying/ engineering and physical plans/masterplans elaborations.


We work to mold the dream of the client into real construction projects with a flavor of professionalism. We do it by attentively interpreting the clients’ needs and wants, and closely work with them by actively engaging them in the design process, in order to achieve the best possible intersection of beautiful design and functional design with cost-efficiency.


We strive for being a trusted partner in the local and non-local construction industry, by setting outstanding precedents for architectural uniqueness in simplicity, beauty and functionality.


Less is more! A cost-effective project calls for simplicity. Simply Designed, functional spaces can be beautiful; Therefore, simplicity, beauty and functionality can be in a package for your construction project.