RRR (Ruhondo Red-Terraces Resort)

29 Mar 2024

The resort is located in around 150m from one of the recessed shores of Lake Ruhondo, Musanze. It will host eco- tourism activities. The special feature of the house is that it has prominent terraces that are in front of the 2 bedrooms on the higher floor, and again before the two other bedrooms in the middle floor is the main terrace however separated from the private bedroom terraces by planters, and then a big terrace in front of the living and dining on the lower floor. The project adapts well to the slope and will contrast with the green environment around it by its dominant red color from the natural fired bricks mixed with volcanic stones and other stones on the retaining walls. The interior design blends well the artificial and the natural by using some natural materials such as stone, wood, and open windows and doors to have views to the nature.