B Country Home

26 Feb 2023

B Country Home is a residential house in Rwamagana, Eastern province of Rwanda. The residential home takes advantage of the big plot of around 500 sqm as opposed to the standard 300 sqm in the city of Kigali. Therefore, it has big garden space which is on the left side and can be accessed from two porches to maximize its connection to the house, one from the living room and another one from the dining room. The house has 4 bedrooms, the arrangement is divided into two parts; the left part has living, dining and kitchen rooms and accessed in that order, the other part has master bedroom with its own access and the other 3 bedrooms with common access. The front garden is integrated with the house and has in-built seats. The house steps following the slope, giving an interesting way to define and separate spaces and that happens either outdoors or indoors.