Zep Villa

14 Mar 2023

Zep Villa, is a 5 bedroom villa with basement for parking and a roof terrace overlooking an open valley of Kabeza, just next to Kanombe International Airport in Kigali city. The footprint of the villa is around 230 sqm in a plot of 500 sqm. When entering through the gate, one has a view to the 3 cars-parking as a basement but faces on the left a terraced landscape that leads to the majestic welcoming entrance of 4.5 m clear height. The external body of the building is made of 3 volumes of different heights but interconnected, the external being white except that the recessed part of two front volumes are brown vertical wooden elements while the 3rd volume is the top brown wooden shelter on the roof terrace. The interior spaces are made unique by the same language of vertical wooden elements with different characters and integrated with lighting. The green spaces are integrated from outdoor (with landscape seats), to indoor (in transitional space) and on the roof terrace (as greening features).